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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Half Caricature Portrait Art

Some portrait-arts by PutuEbo. Some people like to order the portrait style as the examples on this page from me. I use digital techniques to adapt their faces with high resemblance level from the photos they gave to me, only part of their body replaced with the caricature style. The clients order it to be used on special occasions or as a gift for their friends.

For more (this style of) my portrait-art. Please visit my Gallery: FACE GALERI on Weebly.

Monday, November 30, 2015


WPstands Wedha's Pop Art Portraits. This type of portrait art is an original pop-art style of Indonesian which is first discovered by Wedha Abdul Rasyid - a famous senior illustrator of Indonesia. Dimension and character of a facial expression in WPAP formed by clearly bounded fields using straight lines and sharp. These fields filled with polychrome colors that contrast.

are some of my WPAP-Art. Some are faces of famous people and the rest are the faces of my family and friends.