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I am a Cartoonist, Illustrator, and musician in Denpasar, Indonesia. View my portfolio.

Hi! My name is Putu Ebo Supardhi (a.k.a. Gusti Putu Adi Supardhi), but just call me as Putu Ebo. I am a father for two lovely girls: Chiara and Nieva. Husband for a beautiful Herbi Rose Mery. I Live in Bali – Indonesia.

Graphic Design

I am a skilled, smart working and capable graphic designer who has over 20 years experience of designing superb visual effects and designs. Works experience: I was a graphic designer for some graphic design companies and Newspaper in Bali such as: Creative Community (1992-1994), Tiga Grafis (1995-1998), The Daily Nusa Bali Newspaper (1998-2001), BOG Design (2001-2007). Since 2007 I’ve been a freelance graphic designer. I was a lecturer for Bali Design School and New-Media School in Denpasar (2001-2009). As a resource person for many seminar about graphic design. My other related skills: Photography and Illustration. The Medias: Web-design, T-shirt, Corporate identity, Menu, books, brochure, poster, etc.

Writing and Book Publishing

I was an advice columnist about numerology and fortune-teller for Baliaga Newspaper in 1998 to 2000. as a co-writer for book series about farmering in 1986 – 1992 with my father, comic book “Kakek Sulaiman” for Aceh with Saechu Anwar in 2005 (Not available in book stores – distributed free for Aceh’s people after tsunami disaster). I have publish my own books with Agung Bawantara and Maria Ekaristi:“Khazanah Negeriku – Mengenal 33 Provinsi di Indonesia” (2011) and a healing fairy tales book: “Tongkat Bicara Putri Saga – dan 19 Dongeng Lainnya” (2012). You can find my books on popular bookstores in Indonesia or order it online. I am writing article content for some websites and for my own monthly magazine (look at Illustrating and Cartooning below…).

Illustrating and Cartooning

With Jango Paramartha (Famous Bali cartoonist), together we are the founder of BOG-BOG – Cartoon Magazine (a monthly publication from Bali since 2001 until now). I am Cartoonist and illustrator for several newspapers and magazines in Bali and Surabaya. In 2005 I was elected Secretary General of ‘Indonesia Cartoonists Association’ (Until 2009). I have ability in drawing many styles and technique with various tools as pencil, crayon, watercolor and marker. Understanding anatomy, perspective, balance, proportion and rhythm. Expert in digital drawing with computer using pen-tab. My special skill is portrait drawing & caricatures with high resemblance level. I can draw from photos as gift for various occasions. I often hired to draw ‘live’ caricature at company’s events, functions, parties, etc.

I willingly to make drawing to order: illustration for graphic design’s element, illustration for articles, cartoon strip, single framed cartoon (various themes: gag, political, etc), cartoon character (for comic, logo or mascot), comic (for publishing, promotion, self-biography, etc). My other related skills: mosaic, ascii art, illusion art, ambigram. I have several cartoon exhibition in Indonesia, Romania and Australia. Please visit my portfolio gallery.

Music and Event

I am a musician, I play guitar, bass guitar, harmonica and keyboard. I have join in more than 25 bands since 1986 – mostly as a bass player. Other experience: various radio broadcaster talking about The Beatles. I Also organizing some music events and other entertainment. The biggest show that I’ve made was in 2001 (with The Daun Singkong Production): ‘The Male Guitar Night’, featuring 6 most famous and talented guitar player of Bali and Indonesia.

Motion Picture

Experiences: as a creative director for several short animation movies (2D cell-animation) in PT. Bali Orti Grafiti. Storyboard maker for several erick EST's music clip production. My special experience: When I was a kid, I have role in a drama series: “Penyuluhan Pertanian” for TVRI Denpasar – the local TV (1983 – 1984).

My Creative Tools

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere, HTML, CSS, WordPress CMS, Joomla CMS etc. I am also developing my own photoshop’s plugin/brush/action. Various sound/music softwares. A proud user of Wacom Pen-Tab.

My Organization

Ex-member of Rotaract-Denpasar D-3400 (Elected President in 2004 until 2006), Member of Indonesia Cartoonists Association, Founder and member of The Beatles Community Bali, Member of Partia Dobrego Humoru in polandia.

Putu Ebo Studio

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